Social Marketing

It is time for a market solution to Cambodia’s water purification problem. Today, the Cambodian GNI per capita is more than twice what it was at the beginning of the millennium, and buying power is on the rise throughout the country – over 70% of Cambodians have a mobile phone, nearly half have a color TV. Hydrologic’s CWPs are priced within the range of even modest Cambodian budgets, and with microfinancing available from VisionFund, they are eminently affordable.

Using marketing expertise from the private sector, Hydrologic is driving consumer demand for its CWP products. For the past 10 years, International Development Enterprises has developed a widely recognized brand with its Tunsai water purifer. (“Tunsai” means “rabbit” in Khmer, a creature popularly associated with wisdom and cunning.) The Tunsai water purifier continues to be distributed through NGO channels to the poorest Cambodians and special groups who cannot be served through ordinary commercial distribution channels

Cambodians demand better health, but the majority are also drawn to symbols of status. Hydrologic is excited to introduce the Super Tunsai, which is appealing on both counts. The Super Tunsai is a high-end CWP redesigned and repackaged for the rapidly growing consumer goods market here.

The Super Tunsai has benefitted from IDE’s experience in social marketing, comprehensive market research by PATH, and branding consultation from Cambodian and foreign experts. Early product testing has shown an extremely enthusiastic response from Cambodian consumers in the Super Tunsai’s target demographic.

Development of a commercial sales and distribution channel will incentivize local merchants to carry spare parts and replacement units while building trust in local communities. Hydrologic’s professionally trained sales network, its new in-country production facility, and an ongoing marketing campaign will ensure that Super Tunsai is available, affordable, and effective for a huge segment of the Cambodian market.

Above: Radio spot for Super Tunsai. It describes a happy family-dad, mum, and a daughter. Mum always takes care of her family with good food and clean water. She trusts only clean water that is purified by Super Tunsai.

Radio Super Tunsai_22-04-2011-V2
Above: TV Commercial for the Original Tunsai, featuring a popular Khmer song re-written with lyrics about clean water.