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July 2018 – Hydrologic is awarded the Unilever Global Development Award (Small Business) supported by Business Fights Poverty. The award recognizes those businesses that are demonstrating a positive impact on global Sustainable Development Goals. The award was presented by Sue Garrard, Unilever’s EVP Sustainable Business Development & Communication.

Sept 2017 – Stakeholder Feedback Round for Renewal Crediting Period (CP2) of Hydrologic Carbon Project (GS1020). Please provide your feedback by 28 Nov 2017. Click “GOLD STANDARD PASSPORT“, “GOLD STANDARD LOCAL STAKEHOLDER CONSULTATION REPORT“, “PROJECT DESIGN DOCUMENT” to download the reports.

April 2017 – Hydrologic is featured as a case study in “Ready, Steady, Scale!, a report prepared by the Practical Impact Alliance. The report offers a collection of best practices gathered from the experiences of social enterprises that are presently scaling inclusive business solutions.

July 2016 – Hydrologic was highlighted in a recent study on “Promoting private sector contribution to the climate change response in Cambodia,” which noted:

“The Ceramic Water Purifier by Hydrologic social enterprise has shown tremendous success, partly due to a strong sense of business, a clear market based approach and efficient rural marketing campaigns. The social enterprise managed to ally carbon finance, impact investment, grants and loans to make the project bankable and appealing to investors.”

The study was conducted under the Department of Climate Change (DCC), General Secretariat of the National Council for Sustainable Development (GSSD) with support from the Cambodia Climate Change Alliance programme (CCCA).

May 2016 – With the support of UNCDF, Hydrologic investigated the potential market for the Khmer Rocket Stove, an efficient charcoal cookstove developed by GERES. Ultimately, we decided not to develop this as a new Hydrologic product offering but an in-depth study of potential cookstove users yielded a wealth of insights that may be useful for others. The research (link here) covers user perceptions about cookstove attributes, the cookstove market landscape, and strategies for marketing, distributing, and financing.

August 2015 – Hydrologic’s evolution from NGO program to sustainable business is featured on the Ashden Foundation blog.

June 2015 – Hydrologic has produced an extended case study documenting its 14 year evolution from a donor-funded NGO project to a sustainable social enterprise. Click here to download the case study entitled

HYDROLOGIC  – Infiltrating the Market
Evolution of a Social Enterprise

10 May 2014 — The Atlantic Cup, an environmentally responsible sailing competition in the United States, will offset unavoidable emissions resulting from the event with carbon credits from Hydrologic Social Enterprise. This results from a partnership between the Atlantic Cup and Nexus Carbon for Development. Hydrologic is a member of the Nexus cooperative and an award winning organization producing and disseminating Ceramic Water Purifiers throughout Cambodia. Read more…

Hydrologic has received the prestigious National Energy Globe Award for Cambodia 2013. The Award recognizes best practices in sustainable solutions from around the world. Competitors come from all over the world (151 countries) and over 1,000 projects are submitted annually. Download more details here.

Bill Clinton Attends iDE Event

On Dec 4, 2012, Bill Clinton and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper spoke at iDE’s “Leaders in their Field” luncheon hosted in Denver. View the video clip here. More than 700 attendees gathered to celebrate iDE’s 30 years of sustainable, market-based solutions to poverty–solutions like the SuperTunsai water filter (pictured above) produced by Hydrologic in Cambodia.

Hydrologic Wins 2012 Ashden Award

We are very proud to announce that iDE/Hydrologic has been named winner at the 2012 Ashden Awards. The Ashden Awards are presented annually to encourage the greater use of local sustainable energy to address climate change and alleviate poverty.  This year, iDE/Hydrologic won the award for “avoided deforestation.”  iDE Cambodia Director Michael Roberts accepted the award on behalf of Hydrologic at the awards ceremony held on May 30th at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

iDE Cambodia Director, Michael Roberts meets HRH Prince Charles prior to receiving Ashden Award on behalf of iDE/Hydrologic.
(Photo: Andrew Aitchison/Ashden Awards)
Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, Director General of UNIDO and Chair of UN-ENERGY presents iDE Cambodia Director, Michael Roberts with 2012 Ashden Award.
(Photo: Andrew Aitchison/Ashden Awards)

More on the 2012 Ashden Awards:
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Hydrologic wins IMPACT Business Award

An international jury panel selected five exemplary business models that present innovative products, services and technologies for climate mitigation or adaptation to climate change. More than 130 applications were submitted from 33 different countries. The Award is implemented on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and organised by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Hydrologic is featured on AlertNet, an award-winning website providing trusted news and information on natural disasters, conflicts, refugees, hunger, diseases, and climate change.

American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2011 World Water Day speech:

“USAID is working … with the private sector to open a ceramic water filter factory in Cambodia. With ceramic filters, people no longer need to boil water to make it safe to drink, so they don’t need to burn as much wood or charcoal, which in turn reduces greenhouse gases. And the plant has even applied to receive carbon credits for future sales.” Click here to read the full transcript.

Hydrologic receives mention in USAID’s Global Waters newsletter for January 2011 — see p. 8f. (Click image for PDF).

The Economist on Healthcare Innovation in Asia

The Economist white paper on health innovation in Asia; see Hydrologic case study on p.26 (Click image for PDF)

old-st Technical specifications on the original Tunsai water filter (Click image for PDF)

the-old-and-new-models-of-hydrologics-ceramic-water-purifier-side-by-side PATH report on its clean water project in Asia (Link)

demand-generation PATH report on demand generation for Household Water Purifiers (Link)

Tunsai water filters reduces boiling, carbon emission as well as contributes to protection of the rain forest. (Click image for PDF)

During the summer 2010 Hydrologic invited 22 senior government officials attending GIFT’s Global Leaders Module (GLM), a partnership with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy’s Senior Management Programme (SMP), to use their deep experience and knowledge in the region in order to produce a business plan which would enable the company to fulfill its mission of delivering safe water solutions to Cambodia’s poor households. The group hailed from Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Qatar and Brunei. (Click image for PDF)