Hydrologic’s CWPs are locally produced by mixing clay with finely ground combustible materials in a specially designed press. When the clay is fired, the combustibles burn away, leaving small pores in the filter that are less than 0.2μm wide. A silver compound is painted onto the filter in order to increase effectiveness.

Hydrologic’s new Cambodian production facility currently has the capacity to press and fire approximately 4,000 CWPs per month; minimum additional investment can double this capacity. Our innovative factory design produces twice as many units per employee compared to other CWP factories in Cambodia.

Hydrologic is helping to set the standard for industrial production in Cambodia with state-of-the-art safety, ventilation, and ergonomics. We are committed to the safety, comfort, and professional development of our Cambodian staff, training them in international standards of quality control, production streamlining, and uniform operating procedures.

Our process uses the equivalent of 25kg of firewood in the filter production and firing process, thanks in part to energy savings from modern kiln and production technology. By eliminating the need to burn firewood to boil water, each filter in circulation saves about 2 tons of firewood each year, according to conservative estimates.