Hydrologic received funding from the Australian Government to promote market-based approaches to meet the WASH needs of poor rural households effectively, efficiently, and sustainably. Hydrologic used these funds to build its sales management practices, including recruiting, training, and coaching sales people to use an ethical sales approach that focuses on solving solutions identified by the customer.

SDC, the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation is the Swiss Government agency for development cooperation and is supporting this project through Antenna Technologies in Geneva.

Antenna Technologies research and disseminate technologies and solutions which are appropriate to the basic needs of the most vulnerable communities and distribution and economic models which help ensure a sustainable access. We are registered as a Swiss charitable foundation.

WaterSHED is a unique development alliance led by the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health and supported by USAID’s Regional Development Mission-Asia (RDMA).

WaterSHED, which stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Enterprise Development, is a public-private partnership designed to bring effective, affordable water and sanitation products to market in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Providing affordable and desirable water sanitation products increases adoption and proper use rates among the poor. Using proven, market-based principles, WaterSHED leverages the power of private enterprise to bring water, health and wealth to the people of Southeast Asia.

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IDE is a non-profit International NGO with a unique market-based approach to poverty reduction. IDE helps to build profitable enterprises and value chains that deliver sustainable social and economic benefits to the rural poor, enabling them to increase their income and improve their quality of life. IDE works primarily in rural areas, where the majority of Cambodia poor live, and in two sectors that are critical for rural livelihoods: agriculture and water & sanitation. IDE is the current owner of Hydrologic.

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PATH is an international non-profit organization that creates sustainable, culturally relevant solutions, enabling communities worldwide to break longstanding cycles of poor health. By collaborating with diverse public- and private-sector partners, we help provide appropriate health technologies and vital strategies that change the way people think and act. Our work improves global health and well-being.

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Nexus is a global alliance of social ventures (non-profits, non-governmental organizations and eco-businesses) whose central mission is to reduce climate change while alleviating poverty. It is an integrated carbon services platform for awareness raising, carbon auditing, capacity building, carbon project development, and carbon asset management. Nexus is an incorporated non-profit organization in Singapore.

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VisionFund Cambodia seeks to help those entrepreneurial poor who are highly capable of starting a business by providing them micro loans to generate a regular household income. Our financial service delivery extends and complements World Vision’s development ministries with a strategic focus to reach out to the vulnerable poor to establish their own lives in a secure, healthy and dignified manner.

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