Welcome to Hydrologic

At Hydrologic, we’re in the business of getting clean water to more people. And we believe that business is a powerful way to do that.

To paraphrase an old saying: give away a water filter, and one family will have clean water for a while; set up a water-filter supply chain, production facility, and sales force, and the market will deliver many more filters to many more people for a long time.

We’re delivering a product to Cambodian households that they demand and deserve — 600,000 filters delivered to date.

We’re leading the market by example with our commitment to transparency, product quality, and superior value — with annual audits by an international certifying body.

We’re preventing needless illness and death cause by water-borne diseases — diseases that disproportionately affect children under 5 years of age.

We’re saving thousands of tons of firewood that would otherwise be burned to boil water — saving Cambodia’s forests and fighting global climate change.

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Hydrologic is a Social Enterprise registere
d in 2010 with the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce.



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